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Can't download from Rapidgator :(

Postby on Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:10 pm

I have tried many times and different ways but can't download RG link.I check Hoster Status, RG remains active (ON) but do not know why can not download from RG. Has anyone encountered cases like me?

For example, this link
Code: Select all

And one more question :
I want to ask is when the RS will be supported again?
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Re: Can't download from Rapidgator :(

Postby Christine on Tue Nov 27, 2012 5:20 pm is working perfectly when there is traffic. However, they do apply many limitations including download limits, hidden limits etc, both to its users and to Zevera as well, and if daily quota of downloaded information are reached downloads are unavailable until next reset. We are trying for a better agreement, but it’s up to Rapidgator’s administrators. As you may know, Rapidgator premium users may download up to15GB per day. A month before, Rapidgator premium users were allowed to download up to 15 GB in three days. So, try to download rapidgator files another time of the day.

Announcement: New hosting model
Published on: 2012.11.08
In the future RapidShare will use a classic hosting model which means that not only the storage space but also the traffic created will be paid solely by the owner of the file. The prices will not change. With RapidPro you automatically have unlimited traffic for your own downloads of your files and the downloads by your contacts. Additionally you have 30 GB public traffic per day. The recipients of your files have no download limitations whatsoever regardless of if they have RapidPro, a free account or no account at all!

The new system will be released on 27.11. At the same time we will release the final version of RapidDrive 1.0 for Windows and we will present you with a completely revised website, which will make it even easier for you to manage your files and contacts. So, for saving backups and for daily distribution of big files, RapidShare is the best solution!
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